A woman wearing a blue swimsuit standing under a outdoor shower with a colourful SULA x Micasa curtain behind her
Micasa Creative Director Maxime Zenderoudi and Nadja Stäubli, CEO, Creative Director, and Designer of Sula
Two Rubik's Cube on a Red Background
Camouflage and rainbow on Maison Mollerus case and Lancome lipsticks
Shopping addict buried in sneakers. Still life for Friday Magazin
Ada, apprentice at Andreas Geser Landschaftsarchitekten
A Selection of Fruit Jelly, Bonbons, and Licorice Dissolving in Water
Yellow graffiti on glass in front of a building in Olten
Colourful candles on a green background with light drawing
Silhouette of Jan against a colourful light play. Portrait for NZZ am Sonntag
Child's hand holding an ice cream in front of an ice cream menu
Dali-Gateway by GFAE and some cables
How to make white light with sexy shadows video thumbnail
Laura Kaehr, screenwriter, director, film choreographer and founder of Cat People Films production company
Tulip lamp uv soap bubbles video thumbnail
A Plaid from Hermès Hanging with Rope in Front of a White Wall
Kilian Wagner, VIU's co-founder & CEO and Fabrice Aeberhard, VIU's co-founder & creative director
Chanel blue resin on the moon CC minaudière bag rainbow hardware, 2017
Maya, photographer
Binelli Group apprentice video thumbnail
Smiling wooden spoon surrounded by cherry tomatoes, avocado, onion skin and a yellow Le Creuset mini-Cocotte
Ruffkid Arézou video thumbnail
Matchmaking Copenhagen | Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia
Dripping water in front of the art piece Soft Sculpture CUNT power by Talaya Schmid
Contemporary Swiss biometric passport from 2010 on a rainbow reflection with flamingo flowers, a bracelet and a ring
Sun Cream by La Biosthétique, Sun Sensitive Cream Lancaster on the hood of a Ferrari 412, 1986
A double exposure of Chiara Elspass's work and two industrial overlock garn
Colourful portrait of Sasha for NZZ Folio
A glass of milk photographed in front of a pink background on yellow paper
A white planner on grass with an Italian ice scream melting on top
Free interpretation of Elise Zachmann's text about the perfect partner
A still life of a burning table with food and drinks
Long Exposure Portrait of Woman Turning her Head
Double exposure of a man walking on the street and typography in public spaces
A close-up of some of the components of the C.O.R.E. IPC Mainboard
Movie Poster of Becoming Giulia, a Film by Laura Kaehr starring Giulia Tonelli
Silent Moves video thumbnail