Two Zero to Zero | Edition Julie Joliat, social media campaign

A man wearing a yellow shirt and blue cap covering his face with a yellow planner in front of a yellow background

Week Nr. 02 - Read More

Week Nr. 35 - Save Energy

A green planner flying into the clouds

Week Nr. 25 - Avoid Flying

A yellow planner lying on an orange table near a bagel

Week Nr. 21 - Eat Local

A fashionable woman walking on a path in a park holding a net shopping bag

Week Nr. 14 - Reconnect With Nature

Studio-shot of natural items, stones and a stack of planners

Week Nr. 08 - Avoid Single-Use Items

A pink planner and a pink blazer on a pink Mercedes Benz car

Week Nr. 44 - Avoid using Cars

Week Nr. 36 - Declutter

A white planner on grass with an Italian ice scream melting on top

Week Nr. 03 - Calculate Your Carbon Footprint

A woman’s shadow casted on a pink planner lying on a glass surface reflecting some clouds

Week Nr. 20 - Just Say No

A planner on a boutique’s one of a kind bedside table

Week Nr. 33 - Avoid Plastic

A white planner floating down the river

Week Nr. 49 - We Have To Save Water

A planner on a Colonna stool by Ettore Sottsass for cartel with too many nail varnishes

Week Nr. 36 - Declutter

A woman in bed hiding behind a pink planer while eating pizza

Week Nr. 07 - Avoid Eating Too Much Junk Food

A woman with a pink blazer holding a green planner in front of Pavillon Le Corbusier in Zurich

Week Nr. 04 - Work Less

Two Zero to Zero | Edition Julie Joliat, social media campaign