SOLE | SULA Micasa, print & online campaign

Three people sitting on a diving board by a lake Zurich. They are wrapped in colourful SULA x Micasa towels. The clear blue sky and distant mountains are visible in the background.
Two people lounging on deck chairs on a pier by lake Zurich. There is a colourful SULA x Micasa umbrella providing shade, and SULA xMicasa towels spread out on the pier.
A man sitting on a SULA x Micasa deck chair outdoors, holding a colourful popsicle. He is wearing sunglasses and a white t-shirt, with yellow shorts
A picnic scene set on a grassy area near a Lake Zurich. A vibrant blue and green SULA x Micasa picnic blanket is spread out on the grass. On the blanket, there are two glasses of drink, slices of watermelon, and a tray. Stone steps lead down to the water
A woman lying on a bed outdoors, with a duvet and pillow designed by SULA x Micasa
Three colourful SULA x Micasa rugs laid out neatly on a staircase leading into clear water
A SULA x Micasa deck chair with a blue and green beach towel draped over it, accompanied by two matching throw pillows on the ground. The sunlight casts shadows of palm tree leaves onto the textured surface below, creating a tropical ambiance
A group of people enjoying a meal on a patio overlooking a lake
A woman wearing a blue swimsuit standing under a outdoor shower with a colourful SULA x Micasa curtain behind her
Three SULA x Micasa beach umbrellas in vibrant colours - pink, blue, and yellow - resting against a wooden wall. Each umbrella has a gradient pattern from light to dark, adding a cheerful touch to the scene
A dining table set with SULA x Micasa pastel-colored plates and glasses, accompanied by a variety of Mediterranean dishes. A woman's hand is seen reaching for a glass of lemon-infused water from a pitcher. The spread includes a salad with tomatoes and feta cheese, olives, flatbread, and a bowl of fresh berries
SOLE | SULA Micasa, print & online campaign